-  Helicon Graphics:  Helicon's certified service specialists keep your HP printers running at peak performance. We service HP Scitex FB Series Printers (FB950 / 500 / 700 / 550 / 750). Also, our certified cutter technicians can work on most major cutting tables including Kongsberg, Zund, and Blackman & White tables. Office: 262-806-8600, Joe Grorich - Service Manager. For more info check out

-  Optiscout:  Now released, Optiscout 8 is easily available through Helicon Graphics, Optiscout 8 is the latest version of the cutting edge graphic vision registration software. It features support for Windows 10 and below, improved routing features, minimization of rejects while maintaining process quality, presets for your common used materials settings. More info at Helicon Graphics and

-  Zund:  A family-owned business engaged worldwide in the development, manufacturing and distribution of multifunctional digital cutters. Our customers are manufacturers and service providers in the graphics, packaging, textile and leather industries, as well as in technical textiles and composites. More info at

-  LMT-Onsrud: Providing premium cutting tools for various industries ranging from woods to composites to exotic metals. Our goal is to provide to our customers cutting tools that are On Spec and On Time and that are made to your exacting specification. More info at